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Frequently Asked Questions

The filtration system uses special quartz sand to catch the parts that create pollution in the water. The filter tank is filled with quartz sand and work as a container for captured waste particles. The dirty water in the pool is absorbed by the pump, filtered through the grid, the filtered water is sent to the valve, and from there to the filter tank for the main cleaning process. The Fine particles in water are absorbed and passed through the sand, which desorbes into the lower part of the tank. Then the water passes through the valve and returns to the pool again. All this process continues automatically and without interruption and makes the full circulation of the water in the pool.

Circulation and blowback weaken.

There are colors on the pressure gauge (pressure clock) above our filter.When our filter sand is polluted , the pressure rises and the indicator turns red, because the passage of water through the filter decreases. When the pool circulation decreases or the pressure turns red, you should backwash and rinse.

To clean the pollution in the pools it's applied a technique called skimer system. The system called Skimmer, is based on the absorption of polluted water from one or more points in your pool. 'Skimmer' is the name of the material used for this work. There is no need to balance tank in this system, since the suction of the filter plant is directly connected to the skimmer and bottom suction line. The skimmer technique is a simple and convenient solution for the absorption and filtration of water pollution in private swimming pools.


According to installation calculations sufficient number of skimmers should be used in order to clean the water in the pool. In general, it is recommended to use 1 skimmer every 25 m2. But when the width of the swimming pool exceeds 4.5 meters, 2 skimmers are placed in accordance with the capacity of the filter facility, or even a larger number of skimmers, depending on the form of the pool.

The type of skimmer is determined according to the installation.

The location of the skimmer is determined by the height of the water. During the placement of skimmers, the predominant wind direction is considered.

it’s unit with a body made of fiber with sufficient space for pump, sand filter, transformer, electrical panel pool control valves, automatic dosing units and their installations.

You can control and maintain electrical systems.

You can control and maintain the valves.

You can control and maintain Motor/pump, filter.

You can clean the engine room.

Skimmer are cylindrical parts mounted on the waterline in the pool wall and connected to the suction end of your pump. The task of system elements such as weir undertakes the task of the system elements such as weir drain, balance tank. Vacuum formed by the suction of the filter, the water in the pool and floating leaves, etc. by drawing debris into the skimmer, it traps it in the skimmer basket element, which filters the size of the debris that is undesirable to reach the main filter or pump front basket. It usually has a rectangular opening of different sizes and a hinged float cover that prevents debris reaching the skimmer from returning to the pool. They are produced in different qualities, since they require separate design elements for traditional lined pools with liner lining system or reinforced concrete system.

Water passage through the skimmer is provided with the flow that is formed as a result of pool circulation. During this circulation, the basket inside the skimmer is filled with leaves or debris floating in the water. These messes are checked periodically by opening the top cover and the wastes in the basket are cleaned.

It is an equipment used to direct the water and to make clean water pressed by the pump come out of the pool wall .

It is a suction equipment placed on the bottom of the pool to lower the level of water in the pool or to drain the water directly into the channel. In cases where the water level falls below the skimmer, the bottom suction valve can be opened and the system can be fed from here.

” Warning " when you wish to empty the pool with Bottom Suction; after the engine activated it can not be deactivated until the pool is completely drained. Otherwise, the process will be incomplete, as air will form in the system.


They are mechanical devices that use to control various fluids, especially water and air, to ensure that these fluids pass or stop, to adjust their flow rate, to prevent their return, to change the direction of flow, to limit the flow pressure and to ensure flow safety.

It is the equipment that makes the sand filter suitable for multi-purpose use. It is a valve that is used to control the backwash, rinse, close, discharge, circulation and filtration positions that must be performed in a sand filter from a single point.

The valve should only be turned clockwise.

Over time the filter becomes clogges as a result of debris accumulation. Filter is cleaned by backwashing. Applying high pressure, water is pumped from the bottom to the filter. This pressure removes the dirt stuck to them by tossing grains of sand. These debrises are cleaned by backwashing.The more water is excreted with backwash, the more fresh water should be taken. This is important, because chlorite and sulfates, which are disinfecting residues, can be cleaned..

  1. Circulation and back blowing weaken.
  2. The pressure gauge above our filter rises and rises to red.

Pressure indicator

Turn the pump / motor power source off.

The six-way valve (2)is set to backwash position.

The engine is turned on. After 2-3 minutes of Operation, look at the transparent surveillance glass in the six-way valve and wait until clean water passes.

When clean water comes, the engine is turned off and rinsing is started.

Turn the pump / motor power source off.

The six-way valve is set to backwash position.

Activate the pump/ motor for 1 minute and turn it off.

Set the six-way valve to circulation and filtration position.

Turn the pump / motor power source on and activate the system.

"Warning" during backwashing and rinsing, water will be missing from your pool.

When all processes are finished, the water level is checked and the water is added as much as the water reduced.

By this way, our filter and sand will be cleaned.